Customer Relations

Customer Relations Management for AC0/RD


Thanks to Github Education, we've been able to use Customerly for the next 6 months to try it out. Customerly is a live-chat & CRM tool that we can embed onto our sites. It will not be embedded on the main site ( for the time being, as we're still debating the usefulness of Facebook Messenger - remember, a huge influx of new members for 2020 were sent to us from our Facebook Page. We'll be embedding it on our Tumblr Blog for now.

<!-- Customerly Integration Code -->
window.customerlySettings = {
app_id: "bb4ed313"
!function(){function e(){var e=t.createElement("script");
var r=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.parentNode.insertBefore(e,r)}
var r=window,t=document,n=function(){n.c(arguments)};

This code can be embedded on any HTML page, but please check with us before you insert it anywhere

What we need to do

  • Create customerly account

  • Embed in Bootstrap site

  • Connect to Slack (we need to find a chat plugin that incorporates with slack)