Project Arcadia

Project Arcadia, a major project by AC0/RD and a part of AC0/RD, is a collection of retro arcade games that have been remastered and remade using 21st-century assets, scripts, and hardware.

Each game in Arcadia is carefully designed by our well-made robots to be faithful to the original game, but also to up the fun level. The joys of mashing the physical buttons and manipulating the joystick at an arcade may be (mostly) a thing of the past, but the aim of Arcadia is to give the ability for anyone to play these games again.

Most of the games that are planned to be part of the initial run (Space Invaders, Pacman, Pinball, etc) will feature newly designed, completely original graphics, soundtracks and gameplay that will still pay homage to the original, and much-loved games.

Integration into Stellarios

When we first came up with the idea of creating a Star Sailors game, we envisioned a collection of applets, each with a different game that would be connected to the others. While you'd still have the open-world sandbox MMORPG to play in, trade and conquer, there would be a series of "mini-games", which would be snippets of the Star Sailors universe. Playing these minigames would not only unlock more of them, but earn rewards for your player in the main Star Sailors game.

To accomplish this, while you will have the option to play Arcadia games without creating an account, it is highly recommended that you do. By creating an account, you not only get access to the full games library (initially created with Django), you get access to the main Star Sailors game, the community forums and the source code (through authenticiation with Github).

When someone mentions classic games, what do you think of?

  • Pacman

  • Space Invaders

  • Super Mario

  • Donkey Kong

We’ll be remaking all these games, and more, in Project Arcadia. What’s more, we’ll be adding new features, new levels and new art into our remakes. Even new lore - while our games will pay homage to the original games, they are (in effect) part of the Star Sailors universe. Monkeys will become “Apexes” (imagine apes crossed with highly-evolved humans), the ships seen in the Star Sailors novels will become the ships that you have to fight with, and against, in Space Invaders. Our goal is a fully unified universe. You can view the lore here.


Thanks to Zenva Academy for the initial "skeleton" of a lot of the Arcadia games, and for helping us to learn how to build these projects.

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